Emerson said each age throws out the old one for good and wise reasons. 

I’m so grateful to be born in the time after Darwin. And when you understand the significance of George Price, the man who partially cracked Darwin’s dilemma, in the context of Einstein’s work and Freud’s, you see the inevitable end of greed based capitalism and the religion and mindless superstition that has divorced man from his deeper humanity. 

Even the most advanced and refined ideals and beliefs are dreams of split minds that feel the need to control, as is the natural way of insecurity. The end of saviors and “herding sheep” is the beginning of sanity, waking from a nightmare we, ourselves, miscreated. 

There is a way of living completely free of judgment and condemnation and the uniforms of petty minds and pity. That is discrimination. 

The days of not looking at the fear that projects, proliferates and sustains all conflicts and complexity and lack…are numbered. 

All upset is a mirror to a lie we have believed to be true. Pragmatism and great affection remain, when the lie is witnessed, without deception. But the lie does not. 

I do see we are living at the dawn of the age of horticulture. It is surely inevitable. There is a garden in the earth. I see too that we are living at the dawn of a more enlightened age. There is a garden in the mind. How can we not be inspired to tend these gardens?