Listening to the gut

Inspiration is no game. No idle fantasy. It has a life and a need for your most attentive ear. Sometimes it will remind you to be still. To be attentive to the quiet unraveling of things. Other times you might be drawn into the thick of things.

Aldous Huxley was widely considered one of the brightest intellects of modern times. When asked what little wisdom he had to fan the flames of hope in the world, he proffered: “Try to be a little kinder.”

You might add: Try to be a friend to yourself, to another, to the others. Try to be real and do not allow yourself to be a doormat to fear and judgment.

I have sampled this world, far and wide, met ordinary and extraordinary beings. It is part of the path of being human. If your heart is open and you are blessed with an attentive mind, surely such encounters with remarkable people will happen to us all.

But those who have stirred me to the very bone…they have ignited a love of patience and service. And perhaps the greatest blessing of such a focus is the reward of contemplation.

It comes to us all; the capacity to savor life, to enrich the lives of those we encounter. At times, it is not easy, not simple…but I do feel, I have repeatedly witnessed, when you are patient, doors of awareness do open.

Softly and most fervently do we come to the places in the woods and the smiles that replenish us.

It is a choice to savor, to persevere with what lifts you. But it is a service to each and every one, to have the guts to do that. And make, no mistake, the little I have seen, wisdom takes enormous guts.

To look at fear and discern, quite wholeheartedly and plainly, that,…that it is an imposter here.