Out of crap grows flowers

The gift of attentive discrimination 

I think that we find two kinds of movements in life. One is this feeling of satisfaction and connection. This can be quite fake and shallow. Or not. 

For example, someone might have a feeling of love and gratitude and an extroverted personality might go on social media and say: “I love everyone.” It’s just a feeling and it’s not directed toward anyone or anything.

Just a nebulous sentiment and a platitude, without much challenge or real depth. Yet, at a certain level, we mean it. And folk say “aww” and like it. Others will judge it and be embittered. 

Of course, it can be much deeper than a passing feeling. With enough careful attention it can rewire and rewrite our way of being. It might indeed be the very ground of our being. 

It might yield a far more inclusive and wide ranging vision than anything we have aspired to or imagined up until now. It might liberate us from all monads. It might return us to ourselves free of the crutches of bigger brothers and faith in tired endlessly rehashed symbols and the bondage of a suffered history. 

The other movement is perhaps more important as it represents the blocks to that deepening. It is what disgusts us. This bitterness. What makes us feel hatred and judge another. 

It is what has us put on airs and go around with this sense of controlling others or submitting to being controlled by others, a so called master teacher or manipulator or marketer and all that “charismatic” use of fear etc… 

As, at some level, we feel ordained to show another the way or to prove to ourselves or others how helpless or bitter we are. It’s all one movement and folk make businesses and lifestyles and followings out of helping or condemning. But it might not be helpful. 

It may be very destructive and demeaning and self-centered, built on envy and judgment and opinion rather than a deeper self-confidence born of insight. 

And yet, out of crap grows flowers. So all things are congealed and it takes discernment to see what is happening in each moment of evolution. 

I have noticed where there are airs there is condescension. And where there is disapproval there is approval. But where there is meaning and real affection there is none of that. 

I say the second movement is more important because it reveals the blocks within me to my own fear being undone. And that is essential to wisdom. We make a comment and boy that hatred button gets pushed in another. How dare he question my helpfulness or victimhood!! The arrogance! 

Are we not but seeing our own issues projected onto another? Our lack of empathy, affection and patience is most challenging when we see those things in another. 

When a baby is born the milk pours from the breast without effort. There is something in our nature that extends.

But when it is hijacked by pride and vanity and insecurity it is corrupted and contaminated. And this is fascinating and liberating and delightful when seen, for when seen we cease to be that. By making it apparent we see what we are not.