The ill ease of the casual 

If you look at a great painting or listen to a beautiful song you hear or see the aftermath of great attention and affection to a cause, a depiction of beauty or a mythological set of symbols, that is the way of the artist. And skill, any skill, comes from the word “art” or “artifice.” 

When we are casual and judge each other on rating scales of pleasant or not, are we not, in a sense, just recording an illusion in stead of what our better, more leisurely, patient, generous and appreciate selves would see? Are we so self-deceived?

Without the intimacy of friendship, true and lasting connection, we are casual and cheat ourselves and one another of our deeper affections. We become bound to opinion and we are dissatisfied and disaffected. 

When we are so casual with each other, how might reverence for nature and our own nature bloom? How might irreverence flourish with endless authority figures dogging the route? 

Even a puppy has the wisdom to embrace love wherever it might be found. The question it inspires to the attentive mind and engaged, but not enraged heart, is how might we embrace that too? What atmosphere might we need to foster, in and out?

And when you watch dogs you see them watching us, looking up to see how our imagination and vision might shine next. When treated with affection they naturally adore us and are amazed at our ingenuity. If a dog can see that in us, what might we?

I witness generosity in myself and I find the more it is dedicated to caring for another in a sort of natural interchange that is always sprouting up in different ways, then, somehow I am more abundant and enriched, and when I have needs, if I treat those so focused to support me as empowered equals, I don’t see a bridge of sighs networked among us. I hear a lot more laughter though. Not sarcastic and mean but generous and joyous. Or less of the former as I move more toward the latter. 

I suspect it is a state that comes from freedom within, rather than any ideas or abstraction related to walking toward it. When so focused would we need to denigrate another or marshal police forces and armies into form to serve a function that would not be needed?

When we are casual with ourselves and one another we cease to care. When our adopted identity becomes more important than our deeper humanity, we put on fearful and unbecoming masks. But, when we can and do learn to care, the need to police inner and outer conflict and justify endless forms of lack ceases. 

A mean person creates a mean world. Yet nature is, should we care to listen, constantly inspiring us not to be mean, and to treasure the blessed and very real abundance that is implied.That is  regained by us when because we cease being so ill tempered and casual, and more generous of spirit, at the very least. 

Forgiveness has a music to it with notes and chords, which we may heed within ourselves, so as to end approaches blinded by the dualistic unkindness of approval and disapproval. We can drop such shackles and learn the art of appreciation, beyond courted opposition. 

It all starts there after all. The ambient temperature of our inner spirits. Warmth is always welcome if the pain of our passions is not too hot. 

And to every cold dark place it can come through our, hands and heart: through your presence, and your attention to genuine caring.  This is how dedication to inner peace, free of the self-centered and judgey jury of limited and fearful identities, is resurrected from the throes of casual illease.