Often the poor in third world countries, at least those in the villages, have a wonderful community and spirit to them. Chickens and children and a love of music, they bring the food for livestock, and there is space in their lives for nature. 

They are often richer than a lot of other more sophisticated folk, or at least, it seems to me. Richer in the leisure of less pressured lives. 

Wonderful, that for those others, shocked by the tragedy of insecurity, there is the kindness of bigger hearts. 

It is something to go through the crucible of change within to come to that inner state of joy and expansion.

Responsibilities become something else. Like great and wondrous mountains we choose, fully, to climb. 

The richest people I have met, always, without exception, they are those who simply appreciate. 
Their quiet need for dignity and kindness and a deeper knowledge. 

They learn to see that in others and it’s like someone switches the light on