What anxious, angry upset people frequently overlook.

I’ve met intensely insecure people obsessed with positivity. I’ve met people obsessed with the news and constantly hurling negativity at the so called biggest oppressors in society.

The former, neurotically, push for their advancement: ‘my way or the highway.’ “I will only listen to positivity. I don’t do drama.”

You know when most folk say: “I don’t do drama.”, then, there is, likely as not, lots of unnecessary drama going on.

If you are attentive and look, you can observe how fear operates in the mind; how an unseen fear will use situations and people to point the justified wrathful blame, born of your own unearthed belief in lack, onto an external situation.

I’ve met a handful of wise people in my life. One of them said: “A lot of people are not happy, they need your love.”

Another said: “When I was a child, I was happy inside, but I could see how sad a lot of people were. ”

You do not catch a lion by chasing a mouse. You do not find meaning by ignoring the elephants in the room.

Insecurity is the fruit of an erroneous idea about yourself. It is the block to a deeper happiness. Every child has the potential to see it and drop it. Or build a mind that runs away from it. Invariably we do the latter. It’s just what the world unconsciously propagates. Reaction is king. Insecurity reigns. It does not have to be that way.

The right atmosphere and questioning liberates. Conditioning and routine alone, cements its painful rule.

Either you look at insecurity, and learn, or you evade it and make of the world an escape from its deeper reflection; you attack and defend your own belief in weakness and helplessness (originating in your mind) outside yourself.

True happiness does not exclude sadness. Nor does it succumb to believing it is necessary. The ego rushes in like a toddler with a hammer and it screams: “But I like my sadness, it gives color and contrast to life, the way fall and winter augment spring and summer.” That, though, is what the ego would have us believe. Wisdom dissolves the seed thoughts that underlie the lie. You take away the hammer from the toddler, not by meeting ignorance with ignorance, but by meeting fear with love.