When we say “I love you.”

Witness when someone says: “I love you”, …

Is it true? 

Is it just words? Self-involvement? Fear and insecurity? Or is there a fire burning there that will burn up all of that?

In other words, do they know themselves? 

Have they looked carefully at the blocks to love within the story of themselves? Have they understood self-loathing? How it attacks and defends and kills in the name of a flag or an ideology? 

Have they looked at anger like a child watches a gorilla in a zoo? Have they come to learn what it means to be free inside? Have they distilled the spirit of themselves in the meanness and plenty of life and found themselves, and others, not wanting, not weary and lacking? 

Have they learned to cherish and refused to dine at the pig trough of insecurity? Have they graduated from all that inferiority and superiority, to dine with lovable fools and wise men? Is their life no longer a predicament, a story to lament?

And have you cradled them in your heart today?