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Nathan is available to give talks about the heart and its connection to the mind and the hands.

“So through the eyes love attains the heart, for the eyes are the scouts of the heart. And the eyes go reconnoitering for what it would please the heart to possess. And when they are in full accord and firm, all three in one resolve,at that time perfect love is born from what the eyes have made welcome, to the heart. For as all true loves know, love is perfect kindness, which is born, there is no doubt, from the heart and the eyes.” Guiraut de Borneilh

What we make of our world, what we see in ourselves and in others demonstrates what we value. The seeds of things we value yield fruit.

Each species of seed has a different set of needs.

When we match the seed to the right environment and the right aspects therein...and we nurture the grows.

And from one seed countless fruit and forests may grow.

Attending to our needs as individuals, as communities and as a species - this is Nathan's primary focus and domain of interest.

To book Nathan for speaking engagement please contact us at:

sutranovum also organizes Collaborative Hackathons