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forthcoming books

The following books by Nathan Daniel Curry will soon be published:

1. Why are you so important?

- Affluence with wisdom is creative

A book about the impact and value of self-love on human experience and how orientating ourselves to harmony and peace within is critical to manifesting it without. The book covers everything from the impact of emotional wisdom on the individual to the custodianship of the planetary ecosystem. And how all that starts and ends with you.

2. Your Best Life

- From Imagination to Activation

Raising a child inspires love from within and with that comes responsibility. But raising your own inner child means looking at what makes you tick and acknowledging what inspires you. If you can do this for yourself you then unconsciously can share that with others. But it starts and ends with you.

We go to school to learn skills to get jobs to fit into the workplace. With work comes income, self-reliance and dignity. But what we attract into our lives attests to who we are. If we attract people and situations that reflect self-loathing and low self worth we need to examine our inner conversations and rewrite them.

Renewal is a dance born of a healthy imagination partnered with faith. If you have faith in the doom and gloom of some reporters view you give power to that. It takes guts and wisdom to be innocent. To question what you want to manifest in your life and to listen fully to your heart.

When we listen to ourselves or another talking it takes discernment to see what is talking. To go beyond the attacks and defenses of fear and to liberate oneself of being exploited by the collective consciousness takes a certain vigilance. In this book Nathan explores how we can live from such a center and go confidently in the direction of our dreams. And live the most fully.

3. Divine Sex and Marital Bliss

A how to guide to the best lovemaking and rituals that foster blossoming relationships

Human beings differ from other animals in that they have speech and mythology. And mythology is not to be interpreted literally. It is a perennial activity of man to pen stories.

The purpose of mythology, of storytelling, is to introduce man to the value of imagination. Fear creates disease and wisdom sees what the rational mind and the senses cannot. Wisdom is a facet of self-love. It is the capacity to live not from fear but from one’s highest ideals. That means embracing and cherishing our best selves and our happiest expression of who we are.

Sex is a beautiful juicy glue that binds society together on many levels. The Chinese and Indian traditions have given us Taoist and Tantric approaches to sex. Key to their focus is slowing down and appreciating the beauty of the spirit inflected through the body and the breath.

In the 12th Century the troubadours, inspired by the nomadic Sufi mystics elevated erotic love into amor. From amor we get romantic love. Marriage is not a love affair - it is a life commitment to who you are. As Joseph Campbell shared the pilgrims saw marriage as the church within the church.

Love affairs are erotic. They come and go. But marriage is a deeper commitment: to who you really are. It is the crucible of family life. When we are aligned as lovers marriages flower. But this all starts and ends with self-love. We cannot love another until we have come to understand self-love.

This book explores the importance of faith and passion in relationships. It isn’t just about love making and the various positions or looking in the mirror and affirming you are worthy of love. It is about the daily rituals that demonstrate you are the divinely beautiful creature that you are. Beauty is an inner state. It can be moved into and inhabited. This is an inspiring book that goes to the heart of what makes human life exalted and empowered.

4. Self-Love - The Solution to all perceived problems.

co-authored by Nathan Daniel Curry and Anne Bernadette

The human being is on a journey to love himself. Look at your hands and the beauty and love they are engaged in every day.

This book explores the value of discernment and loving oneself. This is the opposite of narcissism where the ego, out of insecurity, seeks to put itself on a pedestal.

Self love means to nurture oneself and listen to the deep intuition within. It means to align oneself with a deep intelligence wherein fear is seen and dropped and the beauty and vibrancy of who you really are is fully embraced.

The focus of a wise education is trust and faith. Each child comes with different gifts and inclinations. And to love and live wisely means to harvest the fruit of those gifts.

To be truly useful and inspired takes self love. Self knowledge is, of itself, dry. To be activated and to blossom as a human being takes self-love.

There will always be a variety of people. All kinds, shape and forms. The goal is not to have everyone conform to your vision of how they should be, but to accept all for who they are. Because they are parts of you. A fool is someone who tries to force others into believing their reality is the only reality.

Let God Be God! He wants to experience everything. Accept him for that. To be wise is to love people as they are. We don't want to change anyone. We want them to love themselves for who they are. Not who you think they should be.

You can't change them, they must find self-love and that quality of love empowers them.

To master this life, to have thriving relationships and enriching experiences means to be grateful and dedicated to self-love.