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The idea for sutranovum started to flower in Nathan as he wrapped up his studies in yoga and closed down his English teaching and tech business in India. He had spent almost a decade in Southern India and he found himself inspired to create a business founded on the things that most interested him.

He went into a voluntary retreat for a couple of years on the South Coast of England and created bodisutra - the humorous narrative wing of sutranovum. He then took some time out and volunteered on farms in California before falling in love and meeting his wife.

In an interim period between India and moving to America full time he spent 9 months working on some books on the southern tip of Baja in Mexico. One day, while snorkeling the waters of the Pacific near to San Jose del Cabo he came out of the water and the phrase ”sutranovum” came to him.

It blended Sanskrit and Latin. In India Nathan had studied the yoga sutras each Saturday for 8 years with TKV Desikachar at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram. A sutra is a pregnant phrase or aphorism loaded with wisdom. It is designed to be the briefest overview of a key insight.

The yoga sutras describe 5 key states of mind: direct perception, misperception, memory, dreams and imagination and deep sleep.

Imagination is hardly mentioned. While Nathan was enriched by studying yoga he came to see that it is the imagination in us that has the capacity to transform our personal reality and lift it to the heights of good fortune, both personally and collectively.

For a long time Nathan has been fascinated by the human mind and its potential. Especially when connected to the human heart. He came to see that counseling and therapy tend to dwell on trauma and the victim mind state, whereas coaching is generative or growthful and it focuses on realizing aspirational goals to be achieved. It does not dwell on the past. It is not interested in negativity or blame. It does not make a pedestal out of the ego. It embraces love and healing and wisely leaves fearful approaches to ourselves behind.

The problem and the solution cannot co-exist. They are different states. We are over a century on from Freud and the error of psychotherapy is that it can get stuck in navel gazing. People tend to dismiss it and say “I’m alright jack” or dive in and become mired in the victim mind. But wisdom is interested not in dwelling on your pain but embracing your best life.

The problem with gurus is that one can become dependent on them. That’s not liberating. That’s stifling. We are all our own gurus anyway. We are all teachers and we are all teaching by our example every moment.

Humor, at best, should be liberating and uplifting. And healed minds and hearts are not bound to therapists and emotional baggage. We are all normal. These are deep and powerful insights. There is a part of our nature that is fulfilled and wise, and celebrating those inner states invites a new school.

It occurred to Nathan that founding an organization dedicated to exploring fulfillment rather than judging insecurity in oneself and others, well, that that was a curative action. It was an action that supported growth, abundance and inclusion, rather than concretizing lack. And so in the early part of 2019 Nathan returned to his work on creating a lifestyle brand dedicated to human development and emotional wisdom. With the collaboration of a number of colleagues around the world sutranovum was born.

Everyone breathes oxygen and everyone’s heart beats. Everyone wants to be comfortable and nourished, sheltered and to love and be loved. This is normal. To deny these things is to deny our humanity. All human problems come down to a lack of self-love and that’s why true emotional intelligence is critical to human serenity and fulfillment. The ego can be very clever and justify pain but wisdom is not fooled by the ego. It ever celebrates our authentic happy selves.

Nathan saw established this organization as a platform for coaching, a consultancy, a publishing house, an organizer of events and workshops, a vehicle for humorous cartoons and clever movies, a shop and limited edition gallery and much much more.

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