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Be Meek

Oscar Wilde said he liked to travel with something sensational to read so he always made sure to pack his journal.

Once in Los Angeles I sat with a man who told me he was used to charging ten thousand dollars for an hour of his time. He sat on the floor in the kitchen and I sat with him. He looked at me sternly with piercing brown eyes. He and I alone midst the cabinets.

For him money was nothing. But the passion in his heart. It could bring a man back from the brink of death. He wanted to awaken that in me. He did not care about anything else. Nothing. When he looked he looked only for that quality in me.

Once he had a vision where hundreds or thousands of people came to his door to be healed from a myriad of conditions. He did not give credence to fear. I had met poet laureates, world class scientists….but the depth that man had plummeted it hit me like a ton of bricks, like a gale in the night that shakes you to your core. Like a shark that breaks out of the waves that brings out an alertness in you you never knew you had.

The kind of look that you never forget. The kind that makes your soul come alive with a fire that will never die. It may be hidden but it’s heat is there in you burning. Burning.

I got a call this afternoon from a man about a foundation that is being formed. Would I be interested in helping. Quite a monied position. I’m sucking gas out of cars. As the millionaires planes fly over.

Who are you? What fish are you? In which sea do you swim. Two nights ago I dreamt of a great white shark. I was on the rocks in Galapagos where I lived for a while. When the eye is trained it can see the beaches of the earth and know which beach. And out of this sea came this incredible great white. Teeth bared trying to eat me. It was an awesome sight.

And from above me someone threw a boulder into his mouth or at the magnificent beasts mouth. I don’t know what happened to the boulder. I think it just bounced off or he swallowed it but it was nothing to this great creature of the deep.

I just saw it drop. Then I awoke. That dream had multiple meanings. It said something to me yesterday and it said something else to me today. I read the symbolic meaning of sharks attacking. Great whites especially.

I pray you meet a man like that man I met. He said to me once: “Be a man for whom the word impossible does not apply.” He had two years education. He didn’t want a job. He wanted to understand the impact of industrialized life on man. He wanted to know himself. Nothing could phase him. He went to the depths of depression once. But man that fire he found inside. He waded through hell to find it.

He did not think the way others thought. You couldn’t limit him. I pray I can be that man to someone else. If just one person it is enough. To shine that light, to be that brilliance. I got the call and I saw a new man in me emerging. Nothing was determined but it was a reminder – anything is possible.

After the call I was pulled to read something I had written. I needed inspiration. I knew where to look. Within.

I find within me there is a great fire. It will not settle. It will not believe the walls others see. It will not see them as limited. It will not settle for that smallness the mind tries to imprison us in. It will tear the walls down. It will rise from ashes and see the world anew. It will demand to fly a thousand meters high in a fraction of a second to look down and see everything from the vantage point of the noble one in you.

The great white lives in a world where he has no natural predator. Tolstoy said of Lincoln that he was great because he did not try to see himself in the world but rather the world in himself. He had that great empathy. The kind that can truly serve. The kind that will not be boxed by botter thinking.

You and I will be challenged by life. And the meek man is he who differs by one quality and one quality alone. He is in charge of his moods. The one who masters meekness is never deceived from his high mood. He is the shark that has no natural predator. The great fish that never sleeps: he who is ever awake to himSelf. Be meek. The physical world exists to birth the feeling. But the feeling came before the chicken, came before the egg. It creates everything.